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Story: Headlock (September 10, 2018)

The subject's story "Headlock", which originally appeared in the pages of The St. Petersburg Review has been posted on this site for your reading enjoyment. The story is the subject's attempt to confront his fear of being beheaded and includes "one of the sexiest insurgent/hostage role play scenes in English letters," according to someone who read it. [Read it].

Video: Newtonville Books 20th Anniversary (August 31, 2018)

The subject and his partner, writer Mona Awad, made a minute-long video in honor of Newtonville Books 20th Anniversary. The legendary bookstore will celebrating on September 29th and all are encouraged to stop by the store. The subject makes many claims but being a good actor is not one of them. You can watch it here.

Injury: Right Foot (June 3, 2018)

The subject broke a bone in his right foot while walking. The subject was entirely sober, but is possibly too old to be wearing punk creepers. The subject rolled his ankle and claims to have heard a pop, "Like the snap of a dry twig." This happened on the subject's birthday.

Radio: Selected Shorts (January 25, 2018)

The subject's PEN/O. Henry Story Prize winning short "Nightblooming" was performed by Josh Charles (The Good Wife, Dead Poet's Society) at the Mark Twain Library Puddn'head Festival in Wilton, Connecticut, in Septmeber. It will be heard on the radio on January 25th in a line up that includes work by Meg Wolitzer and Lydia Davis, with Jane Curtain hosting. And it's now available online: [Listen!].

Pub: "Fear of Drawing" (Denver Quarterly)

The subject has recently had a story published in the Denver Quarterly. The story is called "Fear of Drawing," which is a phobia the subject claims to possess. Excerpt: "The horse came towards me and I held out my hand, which it sniffed. It was an unusually shaggy horse, its surface dull with unkempt fur. I slowly tried to reach out and pet its face, but it did a remarkable job of staying just out of reach. I kept trying, wondering if I could draw this horse—the bulging muscle along the jaw, the long skull and omniscient eyes." [Read it.]

Reading: Reactions (November 5)

The subject has been invited to read his new short story "Blood, Not Air" at a student-curated event called REACTIONS. The subject has indicated that he will create some accompanying visuals, but no activity along these lines of production has been observed. Poetry "reacting" to the current state of world affairs will also be read by individuals who are not part of this study. Additionally songs will be performed (including three protest songs by Lisa Bastoni) and artworks will be on display. The event will occur at Lasell College's Wedeman Gallery, 4:30, November 5. More details will be reported as they are observed.

Gig: Lisa Bastoni (October 26)

The subject will occasionally play drums in public, often in support of singer/songwriter Lisa Bastoni. An upcoming performance, or "gig," has been scheduled for October 26 at the Burren in Somerville. Sponsored by WUMB, the performance will be broadcast live on the radio. The subject is visibly troubled by this detail and clearly grappling with pre-regrets. [Learn more].

Reading: Round Table Reading Series with Annie Hartnett (October 6)

The subject was invited by Post Road Magazine to participate in the Round Table Reading Series at Porter Square Books with Annie Hartnett, author of the novel RABBIT CAKE. The subject read a new short story called "Our Adams" and, with Annie and moderator Chris Boucher (author of GOLDEN DELICIOUS), answered questions from the audience in a sufficiently coherent manner.

Radio: Selected Shorts (September 26)

The subject's PEN/O. Henry Story Prize winning short "Nightblooming" was recently chosen for Selected Shorts, the weekly public radio show that features actors of renown reading short stories in front of a live audience. The story was beautifully performed by Josh Charles (The Good Wife, Dead Poet's Society) at the Mark Twain Library Puddn'head Festival in Wilton, Connecticut. Look for its radio debut in early 2018. The subject attended the reading and appeared to be well rested [Learn more].